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A truck is a vehicle designed to transport goods in a body or on a cargo platform. For a generalized designation of machines created on the basis of a truck, the term truck technology is used. Depending on the modification of the body, there are the following types of trucks: Vans are types of trucks that are distinguished by a closed body or body with an awning; flatbeds - these are the types of trucks that have a common design with an open cargo compartment; Truck tractors are a special type of transport vehicle, which is not only a means of cargo transportation, it also acts as a self-propelled transport unit, which has an engine. Truck tractors are used for towing trailers and semi-trailers, (tractor brands can be viewed in the photo); Trailers are a type of truck that does not have an engine, their movement is due to a common vehicle structure; semi-trailers are a structure that is attached to tractors. The advantage of this type of truck is that it can be replaced in case of malfunction, a quick hitch is made without any possible damage to the cargo. The difference in design between a trailer and a semi-trailer can be clearly seen in the photo. All of the above types of trucks have their own load capacity and consumer purpose. Trucks, types Depending on the type of cargo being transported, different types of trucks are used. Such types of trucks as flatbed trucks are used for transporting goods that do not require special conditions, for example: various spare parts, building materials, etc. Vans are trucks, the types of which are divided into models with refrigerated cargo compartments, as well as with isothermal bodies. They are used to transport goods that need to provide certain temperature regimes. A special element of the tractor is a fifth wheel. These types of trucks are maneuverable and easy to replace in case of breakdowns without the need for reloading. They are used for hauling long objects. Truck Types Types of trucksThere are also types of trucks whose individual elements are not equipped with an engine. This type of truck involves the use of trailers or semi-trailers. These types of trucks can simultaneously transport large loads over long distances. Despite the length of the overall design and the simplicity of coupling, these trucks demonstrate high maneuverability and reliability. Carrying Capacity of Trucks The payload capacity of trucks is another factor according to which the grading of vehicles is regulated. The classification, which is created by the payload capacity of trucks: Trucks that carry cargo with a tonnage of 2-3 tons - Trucks vans. These are vehicles intended for intercity and domestic cargo transportation of insignificant distance. They are characterized by a rather high average speed. The equipment of the cabin implies a place for the forwarders. Trucks with carrying capacity of 5 tons. They are differed by tilt-covered (allow side, rear and top loading) or all-metal body types. These trucks are also used for short- and medium-range transportations. This class of vehicles is relevant for transporting personal belongings.  Machines with a carrying capacity of 10 tons. They are produced both with all-metal and awning bodies. Some models are equipped with pseudo suspension, which softens the course, it contributes to the transportation of fragile items (such as various kinds of photo and video equipment, glass, etc.). Euro-standard trucks, which can carry 20 tons of cargo at a time. They represent a truck with a semi-trailer. They are used for long-distance and international carriage of large cargoes. When selecting a vehicle, the load capacity of trucks is one of the characteristics that the specialists of the company "Night Express" are guided by. Trucks, photo TrucksThe Night Express transportation company has a fleet of vehicles with a wide variety of trucks, the photos show the difference in their specifications, sizes and dimensions. To visualize the transport used for transportation, you can view photos of trucks. Before each trip all the trucks are thoroughly checked, the photos testify to the excellent technical condition of all units. For each trucking company specialists select the best trucks, photos of which can be found on the Internet. Types of car classification By number of axles Two-axle; Three-axle; Four-axle; Five-axle and more. By composition Single vehicle. A road train: Trailer - consisting of a tractor and a semi-trailer; trailed - consisting of a van and a trailer. According to the fuel type Diesel fuel; Petrol; Gas. By carrying capacity Small carrying capacity (0,5-2 tons); Medium tonnage (from 2 to 5 tons); Heavy duty (5-16 tons); Extra heavy (from 16 tons); By gross weight Up to 1,2 tons; 1.2 to 2 tons; 2 to 8 tons; 8 to 14 tons; 14 to 20 tons; 20 to 40 tons; over 40 tons. By type of body Open; Closed; Special. Each of these body types, in turn, is divided into the following subcategories: Open: Flatbed; Low frame; Platform. Closed: Tent; All-metal; Industrial Cargo; Isometric; Refrigerator. Special: Tanker; Construction; Specials. Trucks This type of vehicles includes cars, which body together with the cab is attached to the supporting frame of the machine. This type of vehicles are called "trucks". Trucks are divided based on the type of body into vans and flatbed vehicles. Flatbed trucks A flatbed truck is a vehicle combined in a design with an open body part. Such vehicles are mostly used for transportation of construction materials or cargoes, transportation of which does not require any special conditions. Vans A van is a vehicle, structurally combined with a closed or awning type body. A van differs from a flatbed vehicle in that it has a completely closed body. Such a vehicle can carry a more diverse cargo in comparison to a flatbed. Vans come with isothermal bodies, with bodies equipped with a refrigerating machine (refrigerators). Vans are used for transportation of products with a limited shelf life and goods requiring special conditions of transportation. Tractors A tractor is a self-propelled transport unit with an engine. Tractors are used for towing trailers, semitrailers, and trailers. There is such a notion as a tractor. It refers to a tractor that is designed to tow semi-trailer structures with a fifth wheel. A fifth wheel tractor is a more advanced vehicle compared to the articulated types of vehicles. Such vehicles are distinguished by high maneuverability, high load capacity, and convenient transportation of long loads. Moreover, the tractor is easy to replace in case of breakdown, and the load is not transferred to another vehicle. Trailers A trailer is a vehicle that has no engine of its own. It is moved with the equipment, i.e. it forms a "road train". The trailer is not based on a tractor, like a semi-trailer, but on its wheel axles. The trailer is used for transportation of various cargo types. Depending on their purpose, trailers are divided into: flatbed; tipper trailers; tilt-covered; refrigerated; isothermal; other types of trailers. Often the trailer is used as a supplement to a semi-trailer when it is necessary to transport a large volume of cargo in a road train. In this case, the trailer is connected to the semi-trailer.